To many of us, our pets are like members of our family. They love us unconditionally, they’re always happy to see us, and they often support us in non-human ways.

I can scan your pet (regardless of what kind of animal it is) for medical and other issues and I can communicate with both alive and deceased animals.

Conversations with pets can identify their favorite toys, illnesses and suggested treatments, and issues with living environments. As I can with humans, I can also scan pets while they’re in surgery or when they’re dying.


“Julie scanned my cat Tippy, who wasn’t eating. Tippy told Julie what kind of food she wanted and Julie told me. I bought that exact brand of cat food and Tippy immediately resumed her normal eating habits.”

—Garrett Guevara, Portland, OR


Most pet scans are done remotely.

My fee is $155 for a one-hour phone conversation. Payment is due when the appointment is scheduled.

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