Most of us have experienced what is often called déjà vu when we remember something about a place that is new to us. Or, have you ever met someone and felt like you’d known them your entire life? Often we’re remembering that person or place from one or more past lives.

I can access your past lives in order to discover explanations for certain memories, medical or physical conditions, attractions to certain people, soul mates, and more. Many of the details I reveal can be researched and verified through historic records.


“Information obtained from my past-life scans with Julie uncovered multi-generational family issues I knew nothing about. These revelations were confirmed and helped provide closure to my family and me.”

—Lisa Colosimo, Columbus, OH


Most past life scans are done remotely.

My fee is $155 for a one-hour phone conversation. Payment is due when the appointment is scheduled.

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