Have you ever seen, heard, or felt what you thought might be a ghost in your home, office, or elsewhere? Chances are good it was indeed a ghost.

Casper had it right—ghosts are harmless. They’re just spirits who don’t realize they’re dead.

I can scan your environment, communicate with the ghost (or ghosts), and help them go on to Heaven. Usually, I uncover interesting facts from these conversations, including names, dates, locations, and other details that can be verified by researching historical records.


“After many sleepless nights with my frightened two-year-old daughter, I called Julie and asked her to scan my child.

Interestingly enough, my daughter was fine. She wasn’t sleeping because there were ghosts in her bedroom.

Julie was instrumental in identifying the ghosts and permanently removing them.

This immediately remedied the problem and my daughter has slept soundly ever since.”

—Lauren Chitwood, Louisville, KY


Most paranormal scans are done remotely.

My fee is $155 for a one-hour phone conversation. Payment is due when the appointment is scheduled.

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