As a medical intuitive, I can scan a person’s energy field and see (in my mind’s eye) medical conditions. It’s as if I’m looking at film from an x-ray or MRI. I can detect broken bones, torn ligaments, sprains, tumors, heart issues, cancer, bacterial and viral infections, pregnancies, and many other medical conditions, sometimes before they’re visible through traditional medical equipment scans.

Many times, I witness an energetic healing occur. This can be something as simple as watching energetic anti-inflammatory techniques be applied or as complicated as what would normally be a several-hour surgical procedure.

Occasionally, I’m asked to scan a person while they’re actually having surgery. In addition to identifying angels and other spirit beings who are present with the patient in the operating room, I can see the human doctors and nurses quite clearly as they work.


“My four-year-old daughter was having kidney problems. The doctors warned my husband and me of the possibility she may need a transplant. I called Julie and asked her to scan my child.

While doing so, Julie said she had witnessed an energetic organ transplant surgery happen with my daughter. Julie said she saw a kidney harvested from a donor patient and inserted into my daughter’s body. Julie went on to say she watched as the spirit surgeons and nurses tested the new kidney to be sure it was operating properly, and then sutured the energetic incision closed.

A couple days later my daughter had a CT scan of her kidneys to determine what treatment path to take. After looking at the results, the doctor told us there was a problem with the images and asked if he could do another scan of my daughter. After the second CT scan was taken, the doctor again came to talk with us.

He said both of the recent scans didn’t match the prior scans. He said our daughter now had one kidney the size expected to be in a four-year-old and another kidney the size of a pre-teen. Both kidneys were now functioning normally.

Later that day I called Julie and asked how old the donor patient was in the energetic surgery she had seen performed on my daughter. She told me the donor patient was a young teenager.

My daughter is now 18 and has led a completely healthy life.”

—Lenda Travis, San Clemente, CA


Most scans are done remotely.

My fee is $155 for a one-hour phone conversation. Payment is due when the appointment is scheduled.

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