Losing a loved one is always painful, but when I describe what’s happening on the spirit level, families feel greatly comforted.

Angels and deceased loved ones really do come to greet us—all of us—and escort us to Heaven when we die. From what I’ve seen, every dying person goes through Twelve Phases of Transition™.


“I cannot express what a comfort and help it was to have Julie’s guidance and intuitive sense in working with my brother, who was in a coma during his last days.

The final few hours of his life were eased for us, as we had Julie sharing my brother’s wishes and desires.

She shared with my sister and me details from my brother, our family, and my brother’s life that she could have learned only from him!”

Kyle Rahn, Washington, DC


Most scans are done remotely. My fee is $155 for a one-hour session or $500 for a two-week period with up to three emails and/or texts a day and an initial 50-minute phone conversation. Payment is due when the appointment is scheduled.

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